Snak Appeal was formed in 2008 as an ethical business raising money for children`s charities throughout the UK, while at the same time giving the opportunity of a great business to prospective franchisees.



Local Franchise business opportunity in the charity sector providing a service to business & leisure premises with our quality sweets & snacks and now our new Alternative Snack Box full of healthy snacks.


Our new alternative snack box is full of high quality very current, extremely popular, best selling healthy snacks including gluten and wheat free products.  A truly great selection to choose from.  With current trends encouraging everyone to eat healthily, this opens up more options as to where you can actually place these boxes.  For instance:  doctors, dentists, health clubs and school staff rooms; places that wouldn’t normally take a sweet and snack box due to it not being very healthy.


These healthy snacks all sell for a RRP of £1.20 creating a higher profit for the franchisees.  

We are the biggest in this field, having over 60 Franchisees in the UK alone.



By being a member of the BFA it assures prospective franchisees a secure investment with a credible company that has gone through the BFA`s three month strict accreditation procedure and code of ethics.



We place sweets and snacks in the workplace & leisure establishments. We do not sell the sweets to children. A proportion of the profit from the sales from these snacks is donated to charity: this is known as `Cause Related Marketing’. The idea being, people are more willing to buy a product if a percentage of the money (royalties) goes to a good cause. Unlike some others in this field, there is no ceiling on the amount we donate, the more we sell, the more we donate. Check out the other companies with the royalties they give. Some only give an amount equivalent to hundreds of pounds per franchisee.



Keech Hospice Care has been working in partnership with Snak Appeal since 2008 raising over  £234,000  in that time – an amazing total. This funding has allowed us to deliver vital work for our patients and their families and make a real difference to them when it matters most.

In addition to the funds raised through their work across the communities we serve, Snak Appeal staff, importantly, also raise awareness of the range of service we provide across Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes. 

Snak Appeal have over 1,000 sweet & snack boxes placed within our area which is amazing for advertising the work of our hospice, and Keech Hospice Care is just one of 29 children’s charities which Snak Appeal supports nationally, with a total raised of over £2 million.


Paul Scott | Corporate Partnerships Manager


Keech Hospice Care

 “Snak Appeal has supported Tŷ Hafan since 2011 through the sale of their sweets to various, schools, businesses and organisations across Wales and to date have raised the amazing sum of £130,429. 

The sweet boxes have been made to represent Tŷ Hafan with the logo as well as a mission statement.

Snak Appeal has four franchisees who work across Tŷ Hafan’s catchment area which includes mid, south and west Wales (from Aberystwyth downwards) but will accept a child wherever they live in Wales.”

Best wishes


We have so far donated over two and a half million pounds to Children`s Charities in the UK & Ireland, more than any other company in this field.


We are proud to support almost every children`s hospice in the UK, including the only babies hospice who offer specialist end of life care for babies from all areas of the UK. We also support the Northern Ireland Children`s Hospice, Aberlour Children`s Charity in Scotland and the CliniClowns children`s charities in Europe.

Children`s charities and in particular Children`s hospices in the UK, need up to £4,000,000 every year to run, they receive very little of this funding from the government. Such a large amount needed can only be raised by professional fundraising and we at Snak Appeal play our small part with our donations and by creating more awareness of the charities. The sweets and snacks we sell are in display boxes which promote them by displaying their logo, colours, website and a description of the care they offer.

In addition to the regular royalties the charities receive from our sales, the spin off`s are quite amazing in attracting additional donations, as the display boxes are seen by thousands of people every day.